Here’s what I can do for YOU…I have a gift of guiding people to a place that is pleasurable, sensuous, and extraordinarily fulfilling.  My program is very intimate, but not in the way you might think.  You will discover a side of yourself not previously acknowledged.  You can experience TOTAL relaxation, mental clarity, spiritual awakening,  and peace of mind if you come to me with an authentic desire to connect to your innate sensual breath, body, and soul.

This gift is not for everyone.  In fact, I would appreciate ONLY hearing from those truly seeking an life-enhancing Tantric experience.  If you’re interested in exploring the depths of YOUR sensuality, awakening the dormant energies…I’d love to meet you!

So if you’re up for this…CALL ME!!


Appointments Available Between 10am and 6pm


Supplement your training program!!

INDULGE in just the relaxation practices. I’m dedicating Mondays to massage ONLY (actually, my special blend of “Four Elements” relaxation modalities) .

So what does that mean? No coaching. No training. No emotional/psychological exploration. Just energetic and physical pleasure to soothe your soul.

You do not have to be currently registered in a coaching or training program with me to take advantage of this offer.

There are only 4 appointment opportunities available each Monday, so book yours ASAP. What time works best for you…Noon, 1:30, 3:00 or 4:30?

***ADVANCED BOOKING (schedule by Friday of the previous week) RECEIVES AN ADDITIONAL $20 OFF***


Call 512-491-9774 today!

Hello my friends!

As mentioned before, I am moving on from this blog as a means of sharing my work.  The new site is up and fully functional…so check it out if ya haven’t already.  This will be the last week for me to post on this blog.   It has been a wonderful journey thus far and I look forward to staying connected in the new chapter!



Hey guys and gals~

I’ve been working long and hard to create a website (brand, image and message) that REALLY reflects who I am and what my work is all about.  I FINALLY have something to share with you all.

And here it is….

I am asking that you transfer your “subscription” to the new site.  You’ll just type in your email in the little box that says “Get Updates From Me“.  I will be phasing out this blog in due time so to keep getting the articles, tips, videos, and insights from me (as well as a FREE e-book exclusively for subscribers that I’m in the process of writing) you’ll need to join me on

As a THANK YOU for taking the two minutes it takes to fill in your email address, I am offering ALL NEW SUBSCRIBERS AT WWW.COLETTEDAVENPORT.COM 10% OFF the TANTRA TRAINING PROGRAM.  That’s $150 OFF!  Crazy, I know… but I really appreciate all of you, and maintaining the relationship is my number one priority through the transition.

So check out the Fresh New Digs with updated images, content, and much better functionality at and don’t forget to GET UPDATES FROM ME!!!



…what a Tantric Practice with me is like.  Well read on!

Most commonly, clients want to experience a TANTRIC MASSAGE, but massage is only ONE QUARTER of the work.  My Exclusive Tantra Training Program is sooo much more than just “getting a massage”. My focus is on helping you discover a deeper understanding  of your mind+body+spirit through training and self-awareness, breath/energy work, AND body work.

In the Tantra Training Program you will be led through practices that assist in awakening and expanding your conscious connection with your self (mind, body, spirit) and your partner in addition to studying sacred sexuality.  (hint: my homework assignments are the best!)  The core elements of Tantra philosophy and practices are presented in a practical and modern way, using language and exercises that students at any level of physical health can connect with and practice.  The training allows you to “get it” and use it in your everyday (sex) life.

You may also choose to explore Tantra in workshop format.  See below.

Level 1: (4 hours)

  • Introduction
  • 1) Presence & Pleasure
  • 2) Communication & Connection

Level 2: (4 hours)

  • Intro & Recap of level 1
  • 3) Environment & Ritual
  • 4) Movement & Stillness

Level 3: (4 hours)

  • Intro & Recap of 1 and 2
  • 5) Breath & Energy
  • 6) Massage & Sacred Sex

If this piques your interest…visit!


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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Hello Tantric Seekers!

If you are an established client, know that I am offering a special couples workshop to further enhance your experience.  Also you receive priority booking, including short-notice appointments due to our on-going relationship… don’t hesitate to give me a call!!

If you are a new client  PLEASE READ THIS POST to determine if my service is in fact what you seek.  Furthermore, I wish to convey that my services are NOT for “Entertainment Purposes”, rather, the intention is to EXPERIENCE A DEEPER ELEMENT OF YOURSELF through MIND+BREATH+BODY EXPLORATION.  (Which is what Tantra truly is about.)

Please be aware that I only book TWO appointments per work day.  Calling in ADVANCE to schedule your session is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm

I so look forward to working with YOU!


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Hey guys!  I’m back from a quick trip to California…

It was a nice little get-away, allowing me to “refresh and renew” my energy.  Being near the ocean always does this for me :)

Here are a couple pics…I look forward to seeing you for a FABULOUS Tantric Session soon!


This is NOT your typical TANTRIC MASSAGE…

Sensuality is the celebration of the senses, the body, and its ability for pleasure.  Touch is a forgotten language for most adults and yet it is an essential form of nourishment—a source of healing, comfort, and pleasure.  Massage is the most natural vehicle for exploring our sense of touch and the enjoyment of being touched.  Additionally, deeper, fuller breathing causes the thinking mind to settle down, allowing the body’s sensations to become heightened, which leads to greater fulfillment and improved vitality.  Receiving a sensual massage is an art.  There are few situations in life where receiving is all you have to do. This is the ultimate luxury of being given a TANTRIC BODY & SOUL MASSAGE.

The whole body is capable of responding sensually to touch.  As my hands explore your body, they will diffuse attention from the obvious zones and have you discover the enormous potential for sensual pleasure elsewhere.  Maintaining a quiet mind and deep rhythmic breath will diffuse the feelings of sensuality so that they spread all over the body making it totally alive and responsive.   Using massage techniques such as, fan strokes,  stretching, feather strokes, flesh kneading, and fingertip rotation I will stimulate your soul and have your body ready to transmit responses throughout its entire system.

If TRUE SENSUALITY is something you’d like to experience…call ME.



Appointments: 10a – 6p


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