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Supplement your training program!!

INDULGE in just the relaxation practices. I’m dedicating Mondays to massage ONLY (actually, my special blend of “Four Elements” relaxation modalities) .

So what does that mean? No coaching. No training. No emotional/psychological exploration. Just energetic and physical pleasure to soothe your soul.

You do not have to be currently registered in a coaching or training program with me to take advantage of this offer.

There are only 4 appointment opportunities available each Monday, so book yours ASAP. What time works best for you…Noon, 1:30, 3:00 or 4:30?

***ADVANCED BOOKING (schedule by Friday of the previous week) RECEIVES AN ADDITIONAL $20 OFF***


Call 512-491-9774 today!

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Hello Tantric Seekers!

If you are an established client, know that I am offering a special couples workshop to further enhance your experience.  Also you receive priority booking, including short-notice appointments due to our on-going relationship… don’t hesitate to give me a call!!

If you are a new client  PLEASE READ THIS POST to determine if my service is in fact what you seek.  Furthermore, I wish to convey that my services are NOT for “Entertainment Purposes”, rather, the intention is to EXPERIENCE A DEEPER ELEMENT OF YOURSELF through MIND+BREATH+BODY EXPLORATION.  (Which is what Tantra truly is about.)

Please be aware that I only book TWO appointments per work day.  Calling in ADVANCE to schedule your session is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm

I so look forward to working with YOU!


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Hey guys!  I’m back from a quick trip to California…

It was a nice little get-away, allowing me to “refresh and renew” my energy.  Being near the ocean always does this for me :)

Here are a couple pics…I look forward to seeing you for a FABULOUS Tantric Session soon!


Valentine’s Day is but ONE day to express Love and Appreciation for one another.  And that’s just not enough.  So I’ve decided to expand this idea to the ENTIRE MONTH!!

I am declaring February 2012 the Month of Love…and to share my Love and Appreciation for as many as possible, I offer the following for all bookings in February 2012.

20 % OFF 3-month programs 

Please view the “Offerings” page for full descriptions.



To Talk, To Teach, To Touch…

To Listen, To Learn, To Linger…

To Express, To Expand, To Excite…

To Communicate, To Cultivate, To Connect…

To Share, To Sense, To Stimulate…

To Laugh, To Live, to Love…



~The Sensual Muse~


Here are just a few of the Tantalizing Tantric Techniques you may experience…

Jiggling the Column

With the fingertips of both my hands on either side of the spine, starting at the top, I begin to roll and knead the flesh back and forth quickly, firmly, and lightly.  The recipient’s body will rock back and forth a little…after establishing the rhythm, the movement will automatically work it’s way down toward the sacrum. Once I have “jiggled” the column to the sacrum, I begin again from the top.

The Channel of Control

The spinal column is like a flag pole, held vertical by the muscles surrounding the spine.  It houses the Channel of Control, through which your sexual energies travel up from the sacrum to the brain.

This energy controls human existence and subsequently the functioning of the entire organism.  The central focus of my work is to clear it’s often obstructed path up the column to the brain to produce a sensation of pleasure and a state of bliss.  This is necessary because negative thought patterns that have built up over time cause poor posture…signaling blocked energy and a lack of fulfillment in life.  To experience life fully, one must be PRESENT and have a free flow of positive energy.

Opening the Gate

Placing my hands on each side of the sacrum, fingers toward the head, I gently massage up the mid-line using the pads of my thumbs.  The strokes are alternating, slow and about two inches long.

The Gate of the Spine

The sacrum is known as the Gate of the Spine.  It is the rear storehouse of the body’s sexual energy and vitality.  “Sacrum” is a Latin term meaning sacred place.  To unlock the energies of this sacred place and allow them to circulate around the body via the spine, it is often only necessary to be touched a warm healing hand.

Once the sacral area is relaxed, the gate opens and energy can flow into the Channel of Control.

Pounding the Rear Door of the Crimson Palace

With relaxed fists, positioned just below the region between the shoulder blades, I begin to slowly, steadily “drum roll” on the back.  This percussion technique clears the effect of pride and arrogance, and releases tension from the upper torso allowing energy to flow more freely.  As a result, mood is lifted and the recipient feels happier and more optimistic.  It is a good technique for achieving body awareness for those who are immersed deeply in their mental energy.

Supporting the Column

After stirring the spinal forces, it is now time to spread them around the body at an intensified level.  The receiver should be be in a wonderfully pleasured state by now.  This part of the massage releases all remaining back tension and is helpful in alleviating sexual guilt, shame and tensions held in the region of the buttocks that are the result of fear and anxiety.

With my palms on each side of the spine, fingers pointing toward the sacrum I slowly glide my hands downward.  Continuing down over the buttocks.  Flowing over the backs of the thighs my hands separate to each outer thigh and move up the sides toward the armpits, turning over the shoulders coming to rest at the top of the spine.

Visualizing the Energy

These strokes link the energy of the rear torso and the backs of the thighs.  Kidney energy, which controls sexuality, is stored in the torso, and the backs of the thighs store much of the body’s withheld sexual energy.

Feeling the Energy

Throughout this technique the recipient will experience an intensified sexual energy, which may well be observed.  Most people cannot resist moving the hips, a delighted response to this manipulation.

Arousing the Sea of Vitality

This circling massage builds the receiver’s energy in the lower abdomen, an area known as the Sea of Vitality – the home of the generative force.  If this force is led downward, it manifests as sexual desire and the need for subsequent fulfillment.  When  this force is led upward, it manifests as overall vitality.  The technique can help ease nervous anxiety, constipation, cramping, and even headaches.

With my palms acting as receptacles for the “burning star” of the abdomen, I apply the warm oil all over your lower belly, below the navel.  As the warmth increases, I reduce the pressure to a feather’s weight.  Continuing this circular motion, your most profound energies will begin to move…sexual fire is ignited, stirred, intensified.  The result is usually an erection.  I’ll guide you to maintaining the slow, steady breath even as excitement occurs.  My hands remain below the navel (but never touching the genitals) until my intuition tells me to pause and move to the next technique.


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